Yep, another blog

A blog? (Insert eye roll emoji) Yep. It’s a blog!! Yay.

I’ve decided to start this for the following reasons

  1. I want a space where I can express myself freely. Being a stay at home Mum leaves me with very little space to have adult conversations, to express my thoughts and have a voice. This will be that place for me.
  2. I like to write! However, like anything in life, if you don’t practice, you lose it. I hope to develop and practice the art of writing.
  3. I want to. My goal is not to get huge followers, or whatever “influencers” do. I really don’t care if no one reads this. This is sincerely for me. So if you do stumble upon this, Hi! Let’s be friends 🤗
  4. To give something that someone out there may find helpful – in someway.
  • So here we are. I’m excited to build this.
  • At this stage in my life, my main focus is family and motherhood. I’m a pretty awful cook, and average everything else. I don’t have fantastic recipes or tips to share right now. But I am on the quest to become a better person all round and help my girls become the best they can be. That is what this will be about. Let’s do it!
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