100 Squat Challenge

I’m not a fitness fanatic. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to cardio. But now that my baby is almost 1, I think it’s time to start getting active again.  There are so many excuses NOT exercise, and if I’m honest, I’ve been hiding behind these excuses for the past 6 months.  But I saw this on Instagram and I just thought…you know what? I will do that.  I thought, great:

1)I have the whole day to do it.

2)I don’t need a babysitter.

3)I don’t need equipment. Just a great attitude and commitment.


I put an inst-story out asking for anyone who wanted to join and had a few friends reply. (Yay!) I must admit, it instantly made me commit to it because now I had people following along and now I can’t back out..kind of like when you are sitting in a roller coaster and the harness comes down and you think “what have I done?”

Recently my dad was diagnosed with diabetes. Now, before you make assumptions, he is a seemingly fit looking guy. He works as a scaffolder and has for the last 20+ years. His work is very physical. So it was a shock to us both when he was diagnosed. His downfall is his love of Coke. Like 2 litres a day of Coke. But, otherwise he eats really healthy and not a whole lot. This diagnosis gave me the nudge to look after my health now and reminded me that our bodies are not invincible. They need to be cared for.

So – Day one of the challenge was easy mentally, but tough physically. My legs were stiff and I found it hard to get low.

Day 2 was better but I felt the effects of yesterday

Day 3, I woke up thinking owwww. I felt the squats were a bit easier as my range of motion felt better.

Now I need to kept up the work and Just Do It! Woo!

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