Potty Training

Where do I start with this awesome topic?  Maybe the constant clean ups, or perhaps the continual use of “wee wee in the potty ok? not the floor ok? in the potty..not the floor, got it?”  I hate potty training!

Now this is my beautiful third child.  My first two did not give me grief when it came to this inevitable milestone.  Both I potty trained over a weekend to a week.  Then we would put a nappy on when we had to go out and do stuff, but I would keep asking if they needed to go potty. Sure we had the odd accident, but nothing too major.  Fast forward 5 years and this ‘angel’ has given me a whole new world of grief.  She is showing ALL the signs she is ready, like tells me to change her nappy because “I done wees/poo poos”.  Yet when I tried to train her around 2.5. years old she would scream as we would even head to the potty.  She would run away.  I would sit her on the attachment to the toilet and she would either have a meltdown; stiffen her body so she wouldn’t be sitting or clench her whole body to prevent something from coming out.  At that time I also had a newborn baby and would have to put that baby down quickly if she would be showing signs of wanting to go and race to the toilet with her.  Then I would hear my baby screaming while I was holding her on the toilet, telling her to relax.  In the end, I just put her nappy on and said, whatever.

So that brings us to today.  Here we go again.  Now my baby is 10 months, and I’ve got time to work on this again.  I’ve changed my tactic and purchased a portable potty.  On the first day its no pants, no underwear – just free ballin.  I put a waterproof mat down, and her potty on top.  Ive filled up all the water bottles and im ready to go.  All morning I’ve hyped her up about being a ‘big girl now’, how awesome it would be if she did it.  We had here favourite shows on and she was happy.  I even brought meals to her to relax her.  When I heard her fart on there I thought, AHA! Its coming!  “Good girl” I said.  Let those poops come.  Then I actually saw her clench up again.  “No!” she said.  Dang it!

Now, I visited Instagram and searched the potty training hashtag and watched some stories.  Holy crap, I loved it! So nice to see other mums in the same boat, just as annoyed and drained and frustrated as me.  Yay! I mean, I don’t bother comparing my kids to others, because they have always marched to their own drum anyways.  But it sure is nice to see that I’m not the only one struggling.  It’s nice to see that some kids are harder than others, and thats OK.  Its nice to see some mums be candid and upfront about it.  It just makes me have the encouragement to keep going. So if you’re in the thick of it…keep it up.  Not all kids are easy and you are doing awesome!


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