Things I am digging

Welcome to the first of a series of posts, dedicated to the sweet finds I have discovered on the inter web

1) Online Shopping!

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When you have young kids, the thought of going around a store with them in tow just is a total buzz kill!  When I do shop, I like to freely roam the aisles, you know, browse around.  But when I have to take the gremlins with me, I am a woman on a mission.  No deviating from the plan.  I have my list and I am in and out.  I know that if I go off plan, I will have:

  • a tantrum to deal with
  • to make an unplanned purchase of the kids choosing (and have to explain to my husband why I brought it)
  • panic shop and get things that I didn’t really get time to inspect or compare around
  • leave empty handed because I just can’t deal with life right now when the kids are screaming, pulling things off shelves, saying “why are we here, this is boring, lets go” – (what the heck was I thinking? your not a cool easy going mum! You are a stress case and belong in your home).

NO THANKS.  Give me an online store and I will gladly pay the shipping fee.  But in most cases, you spend enough and its free, so WIN!

I actually even believe that this is a much better way of shopping.  You fill up your cart, then you see the total cost, plus shipping and then you, (heres the best part) have time to stop and ask yourself – “Am I truly prepared to spend this much? Do I really want it?”  

When I get to the counter at an actual shop and the items are rung up and the total is read out to me – there is NO turning back! Sometimes the total shocks me and with a big gulp I may ask, “Im sorry, how much?”  But thats where my pride gets the better of me.  The stuff is already in the bag – they do that on purpose.  Are you really going to be THAT person who says at that moment – “hmmm, you know what…thats too much.  Can you pull it all out, im gonna put a few things back”.  The correct answer is no.  You swipe that card and you cry on the inside.  You see – this whole scary situation will never happen again.  You can abandon that online shopping cart – SHAME FREE!  Sure I may get an email to say, “don’t miss out – your cart is waiting for you” but that leaves me with no shame in my game.  I’m actually happy I dodged an impulse buy bullet.  l’ll often visit an online store multiple times before buying.

Lately I have taken advantage of creating favourite lists.  I will fill the list up and revisit it each time im on there.  I’ll usually remove things that I no longer like.  I quickly find out which things I truly love – then use my spending money to purchase the things I actually love. Voila! You are a shopping warrior!

2) Gold Accessories

In the past I always considered gold jewellery to be an “old lady” thing. And now that I am an old lady..I can’t get enough!! It’s more that I prefer quality over the quantity you get from cheaper jewellery. I can no longer stand they way cheaper jewellery loses its shine so soon after buying it. I even hate the way it ends up smelling – like corroded batteries (is that weird? Am I alone on this one?) So I decided to invest in some simple pieces I can wear with everything and still feel pretty and together. I love Madebymary. Their pieces are so pretty and understated. Plus I love the personal touch of having hand stamped messages or names you can add on.

I also purchased a simple pair of gold hoops from Michael Hill jewellers. They are an investment for me. Other than that I wear my wedding ring and a ring given to me from my mum. I will still buy “trending” earrings for short use, but I love my other pieces for everyday. Again, its quality over quantity – a sure sign of your ageing.

3) Exercise challenges on Instagram

As you know I’ve been doing the #100squatchallenge. I have really found it enjoyable. For me it works – I actually like exercising alone, but I like feeling like I’m apart of something and am accountable to people once I put myself out there. I have read Rocamoons blog post where she is starting another round of #stokedtosweat. So once my 30 days is up, that will be my next quest. It’s great that you actually can find free resources from these kinds of communities online to get active and healthy. Why not get involved?


So that’s it for this month. Hopefully I’ll find some more things for you soon!

Xo Dee

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